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Bail Bonds

  Avoid County Jail In Haltom

A bail bond can help you avoid spending time in county jail, and Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds has experience in this arena. Our bail bonds services range from posting a walk through bond to more in-depth bond services. Please take a moment to learn more about bail bonds below, and contact our office to request service or ask how the process works. We're here to help you get through the process quickly and without a hassle. Call our team today.

About Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a promise from our office to pay the sheriff a specific amount of money. The amount depends on the bail that is set, and we then take on the responsibility. If the defendant doesn't show up in court, all of the paperwork and liability is primarily assumed by the bail bond company. The client pays us a percentage of the bail amount to assume the responsibilities of paperwork, liability, bond forfeiture, and re-arrest.

The Bail Bonds Process

Our office will first review the circumstances of the bail bond request. If approved, we will then post the full amount of the bond for your loved one. The client only has to pay 10% of the total amount. This bail bonds process allows defendants the opportunity to get out of jail quickly and easily. Contact us for more details on how to get started.

Walk Through Bonds

If you have a warrant out for your arrest you are eligible for a walk through bond. If this sounds like your circumstances, simply come to our office with proper identification so that we can walk you through the process, present the bond for you, and keep you out of jail. We handle this type of bond all the time.
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